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My prayer as I grow Older

Lord as i grow older, i think I wanna be known as

Thoughtful rather than gifted
Loving versus quick or bright
Gentle over being powerful
a Listener  more than a a great communicator
Available rather than a hard worker
Sacrificial instead of successful
Reliable not famous
Content more than driven
Self controlled rather than exciting
Generous instead of rich
Compassionate more than competent

I want to be a foot washer
I’m still striving to become that person
I’m still making trades

Now more than ever I am aware that a person significant birthdays can either mark the passage of time or they can mark changes they have made in their lives.

To reach their potential and become the person they were created to be.

With each passing year I wanna make good choices that make me a better person.
Lord, help me become a better leader and make a positive impact on others that requires a willingness to keep making trades.

Because for everything We’ve gain, We have to give up something.

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