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Tips on studying the girl

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Here is a formspring question:

Can you give some practical guides in studying the girl?

They say if you want your relationship with your girlfriend/fiancee/ spouse to flourish you have to study them. Here are some practical ways to study your girl:

1. Listen to her.

If there is one thing a girl likes, it is a man who knows how to listen attentively. When she talks, listen sincerely.

2. Know what she likes and what she doesn’t like.

Sa Tagalog, alamin mo ang kiliti niya.

3. Know her love language.

Does she respond with words? with an act of service? with gifts? with time spend with her? with touch? Read the Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman for a detailed look on the love languages.

4. Communicate. 

Talk to her on your dates. Movie dates are ok but you don’t communicate on movie dates. Have coffee. For husbands, force yourself to dig deeper in the relationship. Sometimes the challenge is that there is nothing else to say but as you dig deeper or become more vulnerable, you are able to share a lot of what is in your heart.

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