God in the center of our relationships

Sync date

Every month we set aside a day where we take time to share the things that God has been teaching us. We update one another regarding our short-term goals/concerns/finances/plans. Worship God. Share things we are learning from the books we’re reading.Since Ayi is a nurse and her schedule is so erratic and sometimes unpredictable, we also take this to SYNC our calendars set date where we could meet other friends/couples.

We are best-friends in a relationship and it’s our commitment to love God first, keep Him us our priority, the center of this relationship. It also serves as our accountability time in our walk with God, family, career and ministry in how we could pray for and support each other specifically.

Since it may sound “so-structured”,  we also thought of having a “seize-the-day date”. We are so enjoying this season with God. Learning a lot from Him and other people.May God’s grace always be there to lead and guide us, grant us wisdom and the grace to have faith in Him and follow Him.

“Man’s chief end is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.”    – Old Westminster Cathechism

May we enjoy Him in every area and all the days of our lives.
God bless you!

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