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Staying fit for the future

 I’m sure you still want to see yourself playing with your future kids, aren’t you?

One time, I asked Ayi this question while we we’re having our dinner date in a Fast food restaurant (budgeting). Just right after seeing a couple voraciously “pigged-out” all their food next to our table. The reason why we now watch what we eat. We still want to jog, play, run and do sports with our kids in the future.  On ordinary days, I would prefer to have No-Beef-and-pork diet. Look don’t get me wrong, Everybody like eating, I’m not saying you punish yourself & deprive yourself with desserts etc. Just do it in moderation.

I long to see myself carrying my future wife in my arms effortlessly , doing sports with my future kids , run a marathon even in my forties and by that time it’s either I’m too old/tired/lazy to be able to do it or Be excited and start preparing for it now. Because we live in a culture (Philippines) wherein food is part of every fellowship, dates and spending time together. Especially during Christmas & New Year’s eve. We find ourselves in parties  where food is the” highlight of the night”.

If you’re not yet married, do it for your future spouse and future kids.

If you already have kid/s, do it for your Spouse and future grand-kids.

By the time we’re old. and its just us and our spouse again (speaking hypothetically). We don’t want to just sit-down and try grow old for the rest of our lives, do we? We sometimes find ourselves guilty too. Btw, we’re also speaking to ourselves. We’ve just started jogging and make sure we have our enough sleep and regular exercise.

We need to remind ourselves to watch what we eat. Of course we could have a once in a while buffet, occasional “eat-all-you can” lunch or dinner, but let’s not forget, too much of something if not everything is bad enough. If it’s becoming a habit or a pattern. You might need to consider asking for help. In light what we want to see ourselves doing with our future kids, also with our future grandparents. Let’s stay fit.

Just like in our finances, knowledge, relationships. It’s another way of honoring God…by taking care of our bodies. Remember Jesus was a carpenter. He isn’t skinny or a weakling-underdog-kinda-hero. I believe he’s worked hard and fit enough to travel long distances during his ministry.

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