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I could have kissed her last night.

ImageLast night I fetch my fiancée nurse Ayi from the hospital to send her home.
She should be out by 10pm but something unexpected happened with her patient that why she was dismissed late and I was able to send her home around 12 midnight.

We really made the most out of our traveling time while we were on the cab on our way to her home. We talked and shared about the thing that has happened on that day, good and sad news, we talked about my latest blog and our plans and goals for this season.

We really had a great time together even in just less than one hour ride. It’s as if we just meet each other recently, we could stare and smile at each other’s face all day and all night. But I need to leave , need to rest too. And so I had my forehead near her forehead to say my goodbye. then I stared at her lips and told her, ” You know what, I could kiss you now but I won’t. I could figure out good reasons why I could kiss you now but I won’t present them because of the following reasons;

1. I love my future wife more than my fiancée.
2. Until we get married, she is not yet mine.
3. I want to honor and treat her as she deserve.
4. I love God and I want us to be pure and holy before him.

These are all good reasons why I didn’t kiss her yet that night. One can say there’s nothing wrong with a kiss, its not a mortal sin. But my motivation could be because we want to take PRIDE of having “it” as one of my accomplishments (to look and feel good that we’re pure, holy and obedient Christians) that the first we did “IT” was only on the very night the minister says “you may now kiss the bride” BUT we miss the real point of WHY abstain from premarital sex and have our first kiss on the altar.

Following Pastor D’s example,

“… Because she is a daughter of God. Jesus gave His life for Ayi and Jesus is entrusting her to me. I want to treat Ayi with love and respect as Christ loved her by totally relying on the GRACE of God and not on my own because I know left to myself I , I CAN’T stay pure and holy without Him in the center (first priority) of our relationship. Without His GRACE, our righteousness and good deeds are all “filthy rags” in His sight.”

Inspired by Pastor D’s blog. “The first kiss, the virgin and how I totally missed the point”.

Tips on studying the girl

Reposting this blog from: actlikeaman.org

Here is a formspring question:

Can you give some practical guides in studying the girl?

They say if you want your relationship with your girlfriend/fiancee/ spouse to flourish you have to study them. Here are some practical ways to study your girl:

1. Listen to her.

If there is one thing a girl likes, it is a man who knows how to listen attentively. When she talks, listen sincerely.

2. Know what she likes and what she doesn’t like.

Sa Tagalog, alamin mo ang kiliti niya.

3. Know her love language.

Does she respond with words? with an act of service? with gifts? with time spend with her? with touch? Read the Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman for a detailed look on the love languages.

4. Communicate. 

Talk to her on your dates. Movie dates are ok but you don’t communicate on movie dates. Have coffee. For husbands, force yourself to dig deeper in the relationship. Sometimes the challenge is that there is nothing else to say but as you dig deeper or become more vulnerable, you are able to share a lot of what is in your heart.

Lies (some) single women believe.


Here are some of the Lies single women believe when it comes to relationship with the opposite sex.


1. “Mr. Perfect is somewhere out there.”
Men are human and should be respected as such. Unless she’s waiting for Mr. Jesus himself, she’s gonna wait a very long time. Some settle with “Mr. Ok is better than no one.

2. “It’s all about me.”
Real love is more about giving than taking.

3. “I’ll change him.”
When he senses you want him to change, his ego takes a nosedive and starts to feel less of a man when he’s with you. You’re not God ok.

4. “It’s the other woman’s fault.”
You don’t want to teach the man to cheat and blame the other girl.

5. “He didn’t mean to.”
A desperate women will excuse all kinds of behavior from a man as long as he has a reason.

6. “Sex will make him love me.”
Here’s a fact: A man doesn’t want to have sex with you because he loves you so much. He wants to have sex with you because he wants to have sex.

7. “We can talk for hours! He must be the one.”
Young men, beware of the dark side of talking for hours.

                          You can’t get other people lying to you. But you can’t stop lying to you.

Be Patient

Since she was seven years old… (see the caption below)



Boss vs. Leader

Boss vs. Leader

What are the difference between a boss and a leader?


 A repost from a good friend of ours, Athens..Enjoy reading!;)
 February 11, 2012

Do you guys remember this phrase? Collect and collect and then select? I remember this soooo clearly because a very good friend of mine just told me to do this ‘indirectly’ . She told me that I should have 3 guys in the palm of my hand so that I can choose which I like best. And as usual my stubborness stands. I said no to that. She just got frustrated and explained that guys do that so why shouldn’t we girls do the same?

She has a point there. Why should not girls do the same? Give the poor guy false hope?? Why not break every guy’s heart and make sure they will cry? I am sorry but I am not heartless. I don’t have the heart to collect and collect and then dump every guy after getting my ego fed.

I still believe in basic courting. Stick to one rule. Dating one person at a time (even if it does not work out). It is so much simpler and a lot less people involved. Yes, greater risks because you only have one person in your hand. But would that really matter? What if it was just that one person you would spend the rest of your life with?

I believe in taking risks. But one person at a time. Building a solid friendship. Making the feelings grow. Deciding to give ONE person a chance NOT three guys.

There comes my faith and belief  in everything is beautiful in its OWN TIME. It is a decision to fall in love. And it is a committment for life time to stay in it.

To COLLECT people whom I will have relationships with for the rest of my life I WILL DO. I will let GOD SELECT the guy for me, for I believe HE makes the PERFECT SELECTION not me. It will be a perfect selection but NOT a perfect person. BUT I AM NOT PERFECT. So, yes, I do NOT want to be part of the collect and select world. I believe in miracles. Is that wrong to apply in finding a life-time partner and not just medical illnesses?  🙂




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