God in the center of our relationships

From the time you laid down your intentions of pursuing her. Courting her means chasing her.

And I needed to assure her that I’m serious with her. So asked my male friends to give me tips on how to  pursue someone “Paano ba manligaw?” I’ve gathered some of good tips and advices.

Here are just some things you both need to know when it comes to the relationship;

1. The man calls more

When it comes to phone calls, the man should be making most of them. Sure after a while the woman can do this too.

But the man should keep things interesting by making most of the effort. Chasing. I would try to call her just a few minutes before her work time, lunch time and after working hours. If she’s smart, she won’t return every phone call, because if she did, you might start to think she’s too easy to get a hold of.

My chase with Ayi was more exciting because I had no clue If she’ll say yes, and there’s a possibility I thought I might lose.

2. The man defines the relationship

My friend Val wrote a blog about defining your values. I also want to suggest that even if you’re in the season of courtship, men has to lead in defining the relationship’s existence. What’s his purpose? His values? Share his plans.

We know that women love to talk, and they love to define things when men lead cluelessly, women unknowingly take the men’s role of leadership. If she knows this, she’ll let you assess things, and when you think it’s time, you are the one who defines the relationship. You lead her to where next. I believe it has to be part of the chase thing. The woman doesn’t tell the man what’s going to happen next. In short man has to lead her woman.

3. The man gives more

For a woman, affection is largely related to things she gets. It’s not that all women are greedy, It’s just that cards, flowers, chocolates and notes, and even attention mean a lot to a woman. Give her thoughtful things now and then and she’ll feel loved. Overdo it and you’ll look desperate.

One powerful tip I got from my friend, Give gifts when they aren’t expected. Surprise them and don’t be too predictable , that can be boring for them.

As you pursue and chase your woman be reminded  that Men were wired Kings, Warriors, Mentors and Friend.

Comments on: "Chasing your Woman" (6)

  1. smartwomennofear said:

    Wow. I find this a shallow and objectifying view of women. Women are not game. They are not to be chased. We do not want someone else to define our relationships, we want to be able to cocreate with one we love. And I’ve never seen a successful relationship where it wasn’t the woman who put in most of the time and effort and energy into making it so.

    • Hi Smart woman,

      First of all thanks for taking time to read and commenting to this blog post. I definitely agree with you Women are not game and that’s not what I’m trying to say. But I still believe they are to be pursued. It’s the job of every men to lead women but that doesn’t mean “to boss or lord it over them”. They are partners, they work hand in hand for each other and the relationship that they have. Believe me if i tell you that there are men (I guess not too many) who given more time, effort and energy in making the relationship grow and “successful”.

      The goal of this blog is not too belittle women or degrade them but actually remind them that they are valuable, worth waiting and fighting for, women are to be pursued and men must pursue them.

  2. Interesting. It has been so long since I dated, I forgot all about courtship…lol.. Being married for so long I find our relationship going into uncharted territory. If my wife knows the way, I will let her lead because I do not want to get lost in all of this. In fact, that has been the number one challenge for both of us, not losing who we are as individuals, when we come together, and become one. My wife has her ideals of how things should be, and I have mine. Finding the middle way, or a way we can live with is the key to having a happy relationship, or a relationship where we just tolerate each other, barely. We have seen both extremes of the pendulum, and we are still trudging on.

    Good luck to you in your courtships. I hope I never see those days again. I dated many women, but courted very few. Each one, as I remember, should be courted in a unique way, a way tailored to the type woman she is. Women should also remember that not all men respond to the same courting techniques. I better stop before I start sounding like I know what I am talking about.



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