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What we need to teach our sons and daughters


Taken from Ate Nove’s twitter post


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Nice things to do on a holiday…

It’s holy week, Holidays again!

Lots of interesting stuff you can do to spend it with your love ones…

From going-out-of-town trips, home re-fix , re-paint or general house cleaning to playing cards, watching movies together. For both of us, It’s gonna be Exercise, Jogging! (but not under the heat of the sun).


It’s nice to get burn calories an do the activities you enjoy with someone you love. cheesy! 🙂

I could use some competition. hehe!

If you’re more adventurous, you can go outdoors! This shot of empty Ortigas Avenue made me wish everyday is a holiday in the Philippines!

See here for more Ideas  🙂

Pickup lines of a Desperate Male

Here are some of rusted pickup lines…

What about you? Do you have your pickup lines too?

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