God in the center of our relationships

3 ways to Pick a Fight

Let’s face it, every normal couple fights. So what do we do when we don’t see eye to eye with our spouse, our fiancee or our girlfriend.

1. Overlook – some issues we face are not worth fighting about. Learn on what fight to pick. Some issues we can overlook. Common examples are things said in haste that doesn’t really have a lot of weight. Another could be your husband not shooting his pee in the toilet bowl. Say it 100x and if he still can’t shoot, buy a toilet spray before you use the toilet bowl.

2. Oversee – some issues we cannot overlook. Some issues are marriage threatening if not dealt with. Now guys let me warn you before hand, when we oversee a problem, it does not need to have a solution on the first sitting. Be patient and talk it through with your partner in a rational and more objective manner. Ask God for wisdom on what topics we should not overlook and that we need to oversee.

3. Overwhelm. Whether the issue is light or heavy, the spirit you want to operate in is with the spirit of forgiveness. Having your relationship overwhelmed by the love and forgiveness of God makes it easier ( note I did not say easy I said easier) to talk things through. Let the love of Christ be the overarching reason why you want this to work out.

A lifesaving tip: It does not matter who is right or wrong, what matters is how do we restore this relationship.

a repost from actlikeman

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