God in the center of our relationships

Yes you read it right, When you think you are SO in-love with you’re partner and you’re relationship with God is getting blurry, I must tell you this, you’re in trouble my friend.Being in love, in a relationship, engaged or married is one of the happiest season in one’s life. Especially during the “honeymoon stage” where the couple’s feet are on the clouds. SO in-love with each other, SO into-each-other. Probably the word obsession is right word to describe it.

This experiences is definitely thrilling, exciting and fun. It’s like there’s always adrenaline rush whenever you two are together. “Emotions are all at their highest levels”. Sound familiar? You may know what I’m talking about or perhaps you experienced it yourself.  There’s absolutely nothing wrong about being in-love with someone.

“We all know that too much of something is bad enough.” – Spice girls


The problem is when we start having a hard time handling our relationships. If you’re a single, you can be so occupied with having a partner (boyfriend/girlfriend) soon that you dream about it every night. If you’re in a relationship, you’re world may have started to revolve around only one (1) person which is your partner.  95% of your time, money and resources are all narrowed down only that person. It’s all about him/her. Even is you know already that obsession is the most appropriate word to describe it but you’re convincing yourself it’s not.

You see this feeling can be like the Niagara falls were trying to contain and its so overwhelming. The tension here is when it starts UNHEALTHY for you, your (future) partner and most importantly your relationship with the ONLY ONE who could love you more than anyone could love you, JESUS.

        I remember when I was still a young Christian, A friend of mine wanted to be a relationship with a young woman who isn’t a Christian. So he started inviting her to church, share his faith to her and court her at the same time. Then as soon as their relationship started, his love for God started dwindling down. After a few weeks, he started not showing up anymore and spending most of his time with the girl.

I have a lot of friends who’s either a backslider or a lukewarm Christian now because SOMEHOW, their world started revolving around that one person, they’ve ISOLATED themselves and they’ve placed their girlfriend/fiancée/spouses before God.

I even have a female friend who left the church because she was afraid she won’t have a relationship with any of the guys in church, she doubted that she’ll ever get to love or be loved by someone who share the same faith with her. A very passionate and fruitful Christian can be gone overnight because of the same scenario.

We have back to our first love. Putting God first by loving your girlfriend / fiancée /wife (same thing with boyfriend/fiancé/husband if you’re a woman) less and loving God more. Ask God to help you with your obsession with her. Let’s be careful not to make an idol of of them. We just have to be reminded that our God is a jealous God,

He must be our first love and she’s second. We can’t place any human or created being above God, I know you know that’s called obsession or idolatry. Now, I’m not saying you start hating women (or vice versa) and not loving her or setting her aside , BUT you know if it’s time to set your priorities right. Loving God more. Yes, Jesus has to be our first love.Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. ’ – Mark 12:30

Delight yourself in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart. – Psalm 37:4

It is God’s promise that if we prioritize Him, all we could ask him he could give us. Let’s set our eyes on him first, Let Jesus be our everything, the lover of our soul, the greatest treasure in life. Jesus.

Tell us what you think about it.

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