God in the center of our relationships


Here are some of the Lies single women believe when it comes to relationship with the opposite sex.


1. “Mr. Perfect is somewhere out there.”
Men are human and should be respected as such. Unless she’s waiting for Mr. Jesus himself, she’s gonna wait a very long time. Some settle with “Mr. Ok is better than no one.

2. “It’s all about me.”
Real love is more about giving than taking.

3. “I’ll change him.”
When he senses you want him to change, his ego takes a nosedive and starts to feel less of a man when he’s with you. You’re not God ok.

4. “It’s the other woman’s fault.”
You don’t want to teach the man to cheat and blame the other girl.

5. “He didn’t mean to.”
A desperate women will excuse all kinds of behavior from a man as long as he has a reason.

6. “Sex will make him love me.”
Here’s a fact: A man doesn’t want to have sex with you because he loves you so much. He wants to have sex with you because he wants to have sex.

7. “We can talk for hours! He must be the one.”
Young men, beware of the dark side of talking for hours.

                          You can’t get other people lying to you. But you can’t stop lying to you.

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