God in the center of our relationships

by Christian OngtangcoHere’s a repost of my blog almost 3 years ago Apr 13, ’08

What is REAL LOVE? that’s what a lot of people we’re trying to find out.probably everyone wants to find out, and I’m not here to come as a “know-it-all kinda’ guy”. Just wanna share my hearts out.

Perhaps because we’re all a relational being as God created us to be. Our God is also a relational God. He is not just up there in a far away galaxy looking down and watching over us. God created us first and foremost to have our hearts and soul connected to Him.” The second and most powerful way he wants to express His love to you, is He wants to bring another person into your life. He wants your hearts, minds and emotions to connect” -Chip Ingram

       He wants us to understand and experience how to receive love and give love, to understand what’s sex is, where it should be and how it can be better, deeper understood and appreciated in the best way we could ever imagine. He wants us to meet the person who would be there even if all they see is our ugliness, our lack of patience and carnality. They will still smile, look at us and say ‘ I still love you anyway’.

         We’ll some of us already found that person, while some relationships aren’t in that kind of situation. while many are still in the process of looking, praying and even fasting for the “Right person at the Right time and place?”. It’s the longing of every single heart.

It has been in the almost all of the songs, movies and MTV’s. So before we present to you the answer, allow me to share to you a brief summary of World’s prescription about Romance, it’s this 4 steps to Reel Love;

Step 1 Find the right person – that means you gotta go out there on a hunt. We gotta “wear the right jeans”. And we have an entire world doing what? looking and looking and looking.

Step 2 Then fall in love – You will find this in a lot of movies. You don’t know how it happens but it magical, it’s mystical You might be just riding on the LRT and she walks by and your eyes meet. then you’re “in-love”. You might into a Starbucks or in a mall, You bumped into each other. you look he looks , there’s something about his eyes, there’s chemistry. then you go tell your friend, “I’ve met him!” (kinikilig!) Who? what? where? when? What’s his name?  how old is he? I don’t know but i met Him and I’m in love.

Step 3 You start to fix your hopes and dreams with that person  =) Your entire world now revolves around that person and trying to met him/her. He started not goingto his class, she’s not doing her homework, her other responsibilities. it’s all about getting to meet that person. Then both of you started going out and the feelings are so powerful. Can you relate on this =)

Step 4 However if that failure occur, repeat steps one,two and three. When you found out something in them is rotten, they go out with another person and unsure of getting into marriage or a long-term or perhaps lifetime commitment. Here’s their assumption. Oh it was just for a season. He was not really the right person. Then we go out and “fish” again to find that what we hope and pray to be “GPC” God’s perfect choice for us!

         We wonder How can we really find what’s God’ will is? His good pleasing and perfect will for us! Who is the right person, where can we find him/her, When can we find that person specially meant for us? We now know about the Hollywood’s prescription, How about looking at God’s prescription? God’s way of ordaining our relationships, Share me your thoughts on this …

Let‘s give our “pen” to God and let Him write our very own Love Story

Watch out for the Part 2 , How can we give Real Love?  “Quest for Real Love”

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Comments on: "Love for Real or Reel? “Quest for the Real Love” (part 1 of 2)" (2)

  1. This is a really great site you have, ministering in a much needed area. Praise the Lord, their are those like yourselves, with a passion to see the covenant of marriage lifted to its proper pedestal of godly relationships. …as Christ loves His Church! Way to go! Thanks, and God bless.

  2. Here’s the Part 2 of this blog series – http://wp.me/p1Ms12-45

    Thank you for reading, God bless us all!

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