God in the center of our relationships

In love forever?

by Christian Ongtangco

Everybody is asking?

“Is it even possible, for two people to be in love and stay happy together forever?”

In spite of what you the many couples breaking here and there, maybe you have experienced ending up a relationship with someone else but still there’s something in you, in me (us) that thinks its possible.. You think and I also think it possible to happen to us. Maybe someday, someway it could happen.

Yes we got friends, best friends, mothers, fathers,  batch mates, church mates, acquaintances but there’s  still this desire for us to love or be loved with someone romantically and intimately. This I believe is God’s design.

There’s still this desire in our heart looking for somebody whom we can be intimate with and love forever. But another we asks ourselves is “Will it happen? I think it could, but the probability , I’m not sure.

Here’s what it takes to be emotionally equipped before one enter into a long –term relationship,

You need to grow up in a home/environment where you get respect, encouragement, comfort, security , support, acceptance , approval , appreciation, attention , affection .

Can you relate? If you said “no’, welcome to the club. If that’s what it takes, what are the odds for us to love and get into marriage and live happily ever after?

Now that we fall-in-love with someone, we find ourselves asking “Is he/she going to give me respect, encouragement, comfort, security, support, acceptance, approval, appreciation, attention , affection ?

If that person didn’t receive all of that chances are that person will try to demand and expect those things from that person whom they choose to fall-in-love with.

Here’s the truth, most of us didn’t grew up in a family or in an environment where we have all of those things mentioned.  So we try to say “You complete me!”  and expect the other person to complete what we’ve been missing where in the first place that person is incomplete too.

Incomplete man + Incomplete woman = Incomplete Marriage

Here’s the truth, no one can make you feel complete apart from Christ.

It’s either we get frustrated in trying suck the life out of our partner and end up annoyed and dissatisfied (probable reason a lots of relationships don’t last long).  For some they try to choose and select, try to find the “right’ person for us. But learning to be the “right” person is something we seldom think about.

Here’s what I’ve got from my pastor,  “ Only Christ can complete us, no one else.” Not even the cutest guy/girl, richest, famous, most intelligent person can satisfy the deep longing we’re trying to find in romance. We wouldn’t know “Real love” and express or give it unless we ourselves haven’t experienced or received it from Christ Jesus.

Colossians 2:10 says “and God has made you complete in Christ. Christ is in charge of every ruler and authority.(God’s word translation).

We can’t be complete in Christ unless we have a right relationship with Christ Jesus our Lord and saviour.

So let me go back with my question “Is it even possible, for two people to be in love and stay happy together forever? My answer is Yes and No.

No, if it’s just the two of them, they will just try to suck the life out of each other from a limited and imperfect person who can’t and will never be able to complete and satisfy us.

Yes, if the Lord Jesus Christ is WITH them. He is IN their relationship. If He is the source we will can give, and never ran out of something to give. For He is limitless, He will never ran out of things we need, in Him we are complete, In Him we can find all that we’re looking for.

Love becomes not just a noun but a verb. It not self-seeking, it’s focuses more on giving than receiving, of serving not just being served. The other person becomes the priority.

Let me share our favorite verse found in Ecclesiastes 4:12 and it’s my prayer for you and your partner

” Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves.
A cord of three strands is not quickly broken. “ With Jesus in the center of our relationship nothing can go against us.

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