God in the center of our relationships

I think I should BREAK UP when/if…

#1 – The other person (usually the guy) ceases to pursue me and make me feel special/valuable.

(If he is a slacker before marriage…it will be HORRIBLE after marriage!)

#2 – If our relationship is based on sex.

(If you are having sex then you are not experiencing true intimacy.  SO…when you get married you are going to discover that you have nothing to talk about because you built your relationship with the hay and straw of sexual experiences and not the bricks of self control and discipline.)

#3 – If they are not fun then they’re not the one!

(Seriously…if you do not enjoy being with him/her and/ore spending time with them before the marriage…why in the heck would you ever think that you will after marriage?  Don’t marry someone that you don’t like–DUH!!!)

#4 – The Holy Spirit is pressing you to end the relationship.

(There are SO many people I’ve spoken with that KNOW the Lord is pressing into them to end the dating relationship…but because of their insecurities they just won’t do it.  If God is commanding you to give something up that means He has something greater in store.  Even though you can’t see it…He can!!!  I Cor. 2:9)

#5 – You KNOW you aren’t going to marry the person you are dating.

(Dating was not created to be some sort of hobby/sport.  So…when you KNOW that the relationship is NOT heading beyond its current condition…you KNOW that he or she is NOT the person God has for you…END IT!  Don’t date someone just so you won’t be alone…this situation ALWAYS goes bad because so many people get married “just because we thought it was the next step!”)

#6 – He/she is always flirting with other people…and/or he/she isn’t faithful to you before marriage. (If they AREN’T being faithful before marriage…they won’t be after marriage either!!!)

#7 – You think, “he/she isn’t who I want them to be…but I can change them.”

Please read this…

You are not God, You can’t change anyone!!!

God is the ONLY ONE who can change someone…

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